Australia’s Mr. Bill set to take stage

Bounce Bazaar Presents: Mr. Bill, EDM from down under with Nevada City’s Mr. Rogers
An Uplifting & Intelligent Audio-Visual Experience

What is EDM? Electronic music is that which is composed using primarily electronic sources. Add the word dance to the acronym and you get Electronic Dance Music, written with intent of being played for a large audience like at a festival or night club. Friday, November 9th, will see the Stonehouse / Old Brewery in downtown Nevada City transformed into an audio-visual playground through a collaboration of Bounce Bazaar Productions and EDM artists Mr. Bill and Mr. Rogers. more »

Bounce Bazaar Productions Cultivates a Vaudevillian Revival in Nevada County

Vintage Entertainment meets Modern Electronic Music

WHAT: The Karousel III – Vaudevillian Nightlife at the Stonehouse
WHEN: Saturday, April 28th, 9PM-2AM
WHERE: The Old Brewery / Stonehouse, Nevada City
WHO: Russ Liquid, DJ Nomad, DJ Allz-One, The Movement Alliance, Locomotion Circus
ADMISSION: $12 presale tickets at Briarpatch, Harmony Books, and online at and, $20 at the door, $30 couples in carnival costumes.

In its heyday from the 1880s through the 1930s, the vaudevillian style of entertainment was said to be “the heart of the American show business.”     Drawing musicians, dancers, and jugglers from sources such as saloons, freak shows, and burlesque reviews and combining all these acts into a one show melting pot.  While widely popular for five decades, the advent of cinema and broadcast radio eventually caused its decline to the point of nonexistence…until now.   Bounce Bazaar Productions is bringing a “modified for the 21st century” version of this old style of entertainment back to Nevada City in their third installment of the Karousel.

Headlining this month with be Russ Liquid from the Bay Area. Classically trained on the piano, saxophone, trumpet and flute, electronic dance music artist Russ Liquid will have you feeling nostalgic about a bygone era while still keeping you in the present. His specialty is infusing the soulful, sultry undertones of a jazz musician with new-fashioned hip-hop tempos.  The dancefloor will shake while the gap between classical and modern music thins and exemplifies that the possibilities of electronic music are limitless.

    On the variety stage this month, The Karousel welcomes Nevada County’s performance dance troupe, The Movement Alliance (TMA). TMA was founded in 2002 to provide a showcase for local choreographers through annual concerts at the Center for the Arts.  The group will perform an excerpt of “Local Legends” (choreographed by Lovie Bucknell);  a tribute to the local music of  Joanna Newsom, Sista Kat, Jeff Thorsby, Alela Diane and Them Hills.

Also performing are the instant classic storytellers and jugglers, Locomotion Circus.  These performers have traveled the world performing in villages and cities alike. Each show is filled with comedy, audience participation, feats of skill and a story to take away.  Locomotion Circus performs many events for children but due to the Karousel being a 21 and over event, they are free to add a risque element or two for the adults!

Showcasing local artists is among the core values of the Karousel.  Rounding out the dancefloor maestro duties are DJ Nomad from Truckee and DJ Allz-One of Nevada City.  The Bounce Bazaar is also very proud to introduce their very own Midnight Vixens go-go troupe.  The upstairs area will feature a vending bazaar and “chill-out” area for folks to get away from the excitement of the main floor and peruse the crafts of local artisans.


Bounce Bazaar Productions is supporting the Grass Valley Alliance for Social Wellbeing (ASW) through donating proceeds from the door and providing community exposure at the event. ASW focuses on cultivating peer counseling groups and giving community members tools for better living through their Wellness Recovery Action Plan program.  For more information visit them out online at


Immerse yourself into a world where for a evening you can let go of yourself and be as silly and playful as you desire. Dress as funky as you want, in fact it’s encouraged.  Door tickets are $20, but any pair that dresses in carnival costume or in April’s theme: Ice Ages, will receive entry for $30 ($15/each).  $12 presale tickets are also available at Briarpatch, Harmony Books and online at


Bounce Bazaar Productions is a company formed to “cooperatively produce music and variety shows integrated with community and art”.  See a calendar of upcoming events, artist information and much more at!

Bounce Bazaar article published in the local events magazine “The Prospector”

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Bounce Bazaar brings “Vaudevillian Nightlife” to the Stonehouse

Bounce Bazaar brings “Vaudevillian Nightlife” to the Stonehouse
The monthly dance club variety show expands with a new event: The Karousel

What happens when you cross a traditional DJ dance club with a vaudeville variety show?  That’s the question Jay Sea Rain Productions (Joe Crain) and Dubknight Massive Sounds (Tyler Freeland) wanted to answer when they teamed up to produce The Karousel, Nevada County’s first monthly dance floor that injects elements of stage performance into the modern Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene.

EDM has no doubt taken center stage in recent history with artists like Bassnectar regularly selling out arena crowds of 10,000 and with 3 grammy’s awarded this year to internationally known EDM producer Skrillex.  Nevada County has seen a rise in the number of well attended, DJed music events and they have proven that our area has the thirst required to bring in the bigger names of the EDM community.  This Month’s Karousel will see an up and coming producer hailing from Los Angeles headlining along side an all star local cast of DJs and performers. Joe Wednt, AKA jOBOT, will close out an evening of appetizing performance with his original funky midtempo grooves.  Joe began his love affair with music fingering the strings of the upright jazz bass at age 12. Never losing track of his classical training, his repertoire voraciously swallowed up every genre, and Jazz cohabitated happily with that dearest to his heart, Funk. Also joining jOBOT to move the crowd, each with their own flavor of electronic rhythms, are local producers Gramwich, Moondrops and Ant Lion.

To put the variety in Vaudevillian Nightlife, an evening at the Karousel always includes an interlude of stage performance between DJ sets.  Past entertainers have included Locomotion Circus, Skyler Smith’s footbag routine, The Fire Renegades, Vocalist Tasia Lyn and much more.  This month The Karousel welcomes Nevada County’s Bowtie Beauties Burlesque troupe.  Bow-Tie Beauties are a group of strong, sensuous woman and men with backgrounds in a variety of talents. The troupe presents it’s own unique blend of dance, circus, and comedy with downright sexiness. Also sharing the stage this month is the live hip hop Duo RutLok, the magician Nick Fedoroff and acro-aerialists: Acrolicious!

The atmosphere of the Karousel is that of a carnival and is designed to give patrons an experience they can engage with at every turn.  Artists work their canvases bringing a piece of the evening alive through their brush strokes.  The upstairs bazaar showcases jewelry, crafts, costume accessories, and souvenirs made by local vendors. And of course there’s the dancefloor, the central gathering arena where Karousel riders can boogie down.

The Karousel supports local artists, musicians, and performers.  Each month the event showcases the talents of our communities up and coming stars.  Do you have something you would like to add to the carnival, an art piece to display, a craft to share, a skit to perform?  If so, the event organizers ask that you contact them via email at

There are many ways in which Karousel goers can get a discount or even free entry.  At the door tickets are $20 but 100 pre-sale tickets for $12 will be available at the Briapatch Coop and at Nevada City’s Harmony Books.  For those that like to dress up, any pair or couple that shows up at the door in carnival or vintage attire will get two tickets for $30!  Also check the Bounce Bazaar facebook page for ticket giveaways during the week leading up to the event at

The Karousel is a new event that has spawned from the successful Bounce Bazaar – Late Night at the 5.  The Bounce Bazaar continues every 2nd Saturday with local and regional DJs and performances up at the Old 5 Mile House Restaurant.   March marks the second run of the Karousel held in downtown Nevada City’s old brewery, The Stonehouse, and it will continue on or near the 4th Saturday of each month.

For complete information on the event, please visit or our facebook event at

Private Events

Bounce Bazaar is available to plan and produce private parties for any occasion. Let us bring our team of artists, musicians, and dancers to your own personal party! Contact Us for more details.