Tasia Lyn

Tasia is an accomplished vocalist and theatrical actress with a voice that can take you through every emotion and leave you with goosebumps. As a singer and songwriter as well as an experienced pianist, her diversity has made her an integral part of her communities progress in the arts. She has shared her talent with a variety of art projects including Nevada County’s Beyond Fire Tribe and singing as one of the four soloists in the 2011 Sierra Master Choral.

The Midnight Vixens

Not shy and never dry. Let our lovely go go dancers get you in the mood to laugh and live. In this Bazaar of wonders it can be easy to loose yourself, the Midnight Vixens will make sure your feeling right at home.


Mind, Body, Soul Technique

Spectral Designs

The Digital Agent


…”The Artist… is the Self that the Brush Holdeth”…
…”O’ Canvas… for thee i Hold my Tool”…
Mochitoki is a Local Artist from Nevada City delighting in sharing his whimsical world of creativity, magic and excitement with all… Never one to be trapped under any one monicker, his talents and accomplishments are many and varied… Known for specializing in Tattoo, Design, Airbrush and Custom Art as well as bringing the power of Fire Performance, Electro Luminescent Samurai shows, Costumed entertainment and Bouncing stilts… the world of Mochitoki is sure to bring the element of Fun, Imagination and Wonder to any Event!!


JC MusiK

For JC MusiK, heaven is a dancefloor and why wait? JC Musik, aka Joe Crain from NorCal, has forever showered his community with Mix Tapes forged from a love of funk and soul rhythms combined with driving bass. With DJ roots in turntablism, JC gives every genre a hip hop make-over using live scratching and juggles. You are always in for a surprise when he gets behind the wheels of steel, weather it is a new mashup, a guest on the mic, or a freshly released banger…the only thing for sure is he will make you want to bounce. After a set it wont take long for JC to find the other place he feels most comfortable: The dancefloor.

Private Events

Bounce Bazaar is available to plan and produce private parties for any occasion. Let us bring our team of artists, musicians, and dancers to your own personal party! Contact Us for more details.