Toddler Bouncers

Best for ages 1-5

Small children can enjoy plenty of high-energy excitement while bouncing on these unique Bouncers. These bounce houses are especially made with the little ones in mind. Our toddler-friendly bouncers provide endless bouncing possibilities, making them optimal for first birthdays and children's parties. 

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Toddler Bouncers

Forest & Friends Toddler Bouncer

Get your little ones outside with this Happy Forest. Not only will your toddler be thrilled, you'll have a blast watching your child make memories. This toddler-specific bouncer has tall, protective walls that surround a substantial play area to keep your kids safely contained inside while you watch within an arm's reach.

Octopus Toddler Bouncer

Little ones want to have fun, too. They can do just that with this bouncer made especially for tots. This octopus has a mesh enclosing that allows kids to hold on until they are balanced and comfortable to jump freely.

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