Inflatable Water Slides

Our unique water slides and water slide combos will make a big splash at your next event. We have a variety of Water Slide options available that are sure to bring fun in the sun and smiles to any backyard party or large event.

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Inflatable Water Slides

Castle Jump & Water Slide

The only thing that is more fun than an inflatable slide is one that has multiple features. This Water Castle Inflatable Water Slide will turn your next event into a royal ball that will WOW all of your party patrons. The slide features a bounce house, a slide, and a pool, so it is sure to excite all your regal guests.

Sports Jump & Water Slide

Get the ball rolling at your party with this Sport themed Inflatable Water Slide. Keep the ball rolling with its bounce house, slide, and pool!

Princess Castle Jump & Water Slide

Every reigning princess needs just the right amount of fun at her ball. With the Princess Castle Inflatable Water slide, you'll be fit to provide it. The slide features a bounce house, a slide, and a pool, so it is sure to excite all your royal guests.

Tropical Jump & Water Slide

Why travel afar when you can have a exotic rainforest in your backyard? This Tropical Inflatable Water Slide with its jumper, slide, and pool will take your guests to a secluded rainforest that provides endless fun.

Castle Combo Water Slide

A 6-in-1 Combo Water Slide that provides countless hours of fun. It has a full-size bouncy room with an attached slide and pool, giving your guests just about everything they may need on a hot summer day.

Princess Castle Combo Water Slide

Make your child’s dream a reality with this Princess Water Castle. At your next party, bring on the fun with this large water slide combo! Kids can jump then race each other down the slide, and then cool off in the pool. Everyone loves a fun outdoor party, and what better way to surprise your children and guests than with this awesome Water Princess Castle Combo?

Tropical Combo Water Slide

A tropical retreat with six fun-filled activities that will keep your guests engaged for hours to come. This Tropical Combo Water Slide comes equipped with a traditional bounce house, which leads to a slide that dives into a cold refreshing pool.

Mini Pool Slide

Slide into summer with this gem that sits beside your pool. Smaller than most other water bounce houses, this transforms your pool and provides for endless amounts of splashing fun. *this is a pool side slide, which which sits beside your pool.

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