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Bounce Bazaar can help take your party to the next level. Create an interactive experience for all your guests with our exciting Interactive Games. Our menu of super-cool amusements includes Sumo Suits, Jousting Arena, Boxing Arena, Velcro Wall, Dodge Ball, and Inflatable Sports Centers perfect for football, basketball, and soccer stars. Book your Interactive Game now to reserve the attraction that will be the life of your party. 

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Interactive Games

Boxing Arena

Fighters, you’ve trained well, and you’ve trained hard; now, step into this boxing ring, put on your oversized boxing gloves, and fight to win! Once you’ve set foot in the boxing ring, be ready to playfully pound and pummel your opponent using the foam filled boxing gloves. Dodging your opponent’s punches is half the battle; the other is trying to stay on your feet in this air filled boxing ring. So, you must be quick on your feet; steady in your balance, and heavy on your punches, otherwise you’ll be TKO.

Sports Arena

Attention Sports fanatics! Touchdown, we have scored a slam-dunk with this fun, extremely intense Arcade-Style sports center. This popular inflatable sets up in your very own back yard in just minutes, and allows your guests to compete in basketball, soccer, and football. This game will provide an enjoyable way for your guests to develop, practice, and reinforce skills of shooting, throwing, and kicking. This is a game of skill, so take your best shot! See who can score the most. Fortunately, it’s not only the players who benefit from this. This jumper promotes and exciting, competitive atmosphere for the fans in the stands, too.

Sumo Suit

Step inside our Sumo Suit rentals and get ready for the funniest style of wrestling! These are foam-filled Sumo Costume Suits, complete with items like the Sumo-style wig helmets designed for safety and the Miwashi belt, better known as the diaper. Half the fun is looking like a 300-pound sumo wrestler; the other half, is trying to keep your balance as your opponent bumps and pushes you to the floor. This is a crowd pleaser! The laughs aren’t limited to the arena. Cheering from the audience is just as fun as fighting in your suit. So, watch your guests suit up and create memories that will last well beyond the party.

Velcro Wall

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s your guest hanging on the Velcro wall. Guests step into a striped Velcro suit that has corresponding Velcro straps, onto the jumper, sprint down the runway and jump! The oversize inflatable Velcro wall catches participants in mid-jump. Oddly enough they are stuck until you decide you’re ready to tear them off. With that said, this is ideal for any backyard party and is sure to give guests an experience they will never forget. Endless laughter is a guarantee with this one.

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